Monday, November 3, 2008

Gather your rewards while you may...

I'm totally ignoring all the bad financial news (which is out of my control) and focusing on the small tidbits of good news that are.

For example, participating in FreeFromBroke's blog cash contest paid off nicely:
I won first prize, a $75 Amazon gift card!

Participating in the e-rewards system also paid off: I obtained six coupons from Blockbuster and $15 in Borders Bucks, which I then combined with a 40% coupon and ended up paying only $1.26 for a $26.00 book! (El Juego del Angel by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.)

My main problem now is trying to find a financial book worth reviewing that would still be relevant amidst all this turmoil. A lot of the old advice is sounding naive and stale right now! Like someone in the Miami Herald said, none of us are happy losing all that money from our 401ks, money that we could have used to pay off our mortgages! I calculated it and what we personally have contributed in the last four years to our various retirement programs would have almost exactly paid off our remaining mortgage! But since none of us are prescient, that's money under the bridge now!

Phrases like "never in my lifetime" "first time ever" and "unprecedented" are being thrown around--words that you never want to hear in connection with your finances!

Ok, so maybe I'm not ignoring things very effectively! But really, is it worth any further comment?

Like someone on CNBC or MSNBC said, "We're all screwed!" That sufficiently and succinctly summarizes the situation, I think! (Pardon the tendency toward alliteration!)

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